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Meet The Goodie Goddess

Our story is simple.

We are family owned and operated. Baking, preparing and eating scrumptious meals and desserts that offer health benefits is what we love to do. We literally want to have our cake and eat it too. Don't we all? Quinoa Esta is all about taking a highly nutritious seed and creating ways to enjoy its benefits in delicious ready-to-bake products. We create especially good treats for everyone to enjoy. The goodness comes in a bag ready for you to bake it and take it to its final destination: YOUR TUMMY. You can enjoy fudgy brownies, mouthwateringly moist cornbread, and light, fluffy pancakes all made from the wonder seed, QUINOA! We also sell baked to order Agave & Flax Quinoa Banana Bread and our signature Sweet and Salty Finger Lickin' Nuts. Keep your eyes and ears open because more tasty products are on the way...


When was the last time you had a bite
of a moist, rich brownie that was nutritious too?



Gluten free that doesn't taste like cardboard!

Sharon Downing, owner of Quinoa Esta Bakery, is an expert at baking and cooking with quinoa. Send your quinoa cooking questions to sharon@quinoaesta.com. We provide services to restaurants, retail stores and of course, to you, the public. We bake a variety of cookies and cupcakes, along with our signature banana bread and brownies. Naked Cupcakes are always a favorite for or any creative event. Eat them just as they are or decorate them with your own personal touch. Either way, they are delicious! We’ve chosen to adopt the K.I.S.S. Principle as our business practice. Simple, wholesome ingredients keep us on the map. All of our products are made with 100% quinoa flour and natural ingredients. We have invested a considerable amount of time in developing mouthwatering, ready-to-bake and baked-to-order goodies just for you. One bite of our delectable treats and you're hooked!

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The Quinoa Goodie Goddess

Hi,sassy sharon

I'm Sharon Downing, the creative force behind Quinoa Esta. Re-inventing myself is the path that I have chosen.  For over 15 years I worked as a national training consultant. When the economy took a financial dive, all the great business I was enjoying went away just like that. I love working with people. However, I love baking and cooking, too. So I'm staying true to myself and continuing the journey of doing what I love.

I have been baking tasty treats since the age of 12.  My first real successful bake good was coffee cake. My mother couldn't get enough of it. The baking grew from there. Now that I'm 50-something, I still love to feed the family, friends and neighbors with food and sweets. Believe it or not, I rarely cook the same meal twice. I just love the idea of creating new stuff for my husband and others to try out. The best part of my day is creating and giving someone something really good to eat.

It was so funny when my kids were still at home. I typically cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner 6 or 7 days a week.  My kids would be gobbling up breakfast and asking what was for lunch. While eating lunch, they would ask what was for dinner before they left the table.

At birthdays, I always baked my kids a homemade cake decked out with their favorite flavors and treats. One day my 8 year old son (now 25) said to me "Mom, you could make a fortune if you sold your cakes and stuff to other people." So here we are. My goal is to provide you with ready to bake products that are tasty and made with natural, healthy ingredients. Knowing that people all over the world are enjoying my creations is a bonus. Knowing that people all over the world appreciate the hard work that I invest in the development of each product is priceless.

My bake goods are commonly referred to as "delicious". I am so excited to have developed a line of goodies that are made from Quinoa. Sure, there's sugar involved. However, the trump card is the Quinoa which outweighs it all. I have truly enjoyed the road to creating these special products. Now it's your turn to eat the benefits. Order your favorite treat today!

By the way, I'm learning to speak Spanish. That's where the Esta came from in case you're wondering. #Goodiegoddess #Quinoagoodiegoddess

Send your quinoa cooking questions to sharon@quinoaesta.com.