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Meet The Goodie Goddess

Our story is simple.

We are family owned and operated. Baking, preparing and eating scrumptious meals and desserts that offer health benefits is what we love to do. We literally want to have our cake and eat it too. Don't we all? Quinoa Esta is all about taking a highly nutritious seed and creating ways to enjoy its benefits in delicious ready-to-bake products. We create especially good treats for everyone to enjoy. The goodness comes in a bag ready for you to bake it and take it to its final destination: YOUR TUMMY. You can enjoy fudgy brownies, mouthwateringly moist cornbread, and light, fluffy pancakes all made from the wonder seed, QUINOA! We also sell baked to order Agave & Flax Quinoa Banana Bread and our signature Sweet and Salty Finger Lickin' Nuts. Keep your eyes and ears open because more tasty products are on the way...


When was the last time you had a bite
of a moist, rich brownie that was nutritious too?



Gluten free that doesn't taste like cardboard!

Sharon Downing, owner of Quinoa Esta Bakery, is an expert at baking and cooking with quinoa. Send your quinoa cooking questions to sharon@quinoaesta.com. We provide services to restaurants, retail stores and of course, to you, the public. We bake a variety of cookies and cupcakes, along with our signature banana bread and brownies. Naked Cupcakes are always a favorite for or any creative event. Eat them just as they are or decorate them with your own personal touch. Either way, they are delicious! We’ve chosen to adopt the K.I.S.S. Principle as our business practice. Simple, wholesome ingredients keep us on the map. All of our products are made with 100% quinoa flour and natural ingredients. We have invested a considerable amount of time in developing mouthwatering, ready-to-bake and baked-to-order goodies just for you. One bite of our delectable treats and you're hooked!

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The Quinoa Goodie Goddess

Meet Sharon Downing, author of Food Drama! Bakebook and creative force behind Quinoa Esta Bakery & LetsBakeThis.com. Baking magic with Quinoa is what sets her apart from the rest. With yummy recipes and treats solely created with quinoa flour, she prides herself on empowering you to have your cake and eat it too.

The creator of hundreds of sweet and savory recipes, Sharon has mastered the art of Quinoa goodie goodness. Currently, she provides ready-to-eat Quinoa Esta Bakery treats to several restaurants and retail stores while her dry-mixes are available online for you to make at home.

Shortly after establishing Quinoa Esta Bakery, LetBakeThis.com was established to inspire others to eat, live and love healthy. Through cooking demos, workshops, Vlogs and community work, Sharon continues to showcase the power of Quinoa while sharing her healthy approach to cooking with others.

Through her Food Drama! Bakebook, Sharon reveals her delicious recipes for the blended family that are all gluten free, along with vegan and sugar-free options. Now, everyone can enjoy tasty treats regardless of dietary restrictions.

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Send your quinoa cooking questions to sharon@quinoaesta.com.