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Are you dreaming of a dessert or savory treat that is currently on your "I can't have that list"?  Now you can have almost any treat with our customized recipe creation.

Owner Sharon Downing is an expert recipe creator.  Additionally, Sharon develops sweet and savory recipes for a local hospital.

Sharon's recipes are commonly referred to as "surprisingly delicious".

  • Sit back, relax and let us transform food dreams into foodgasms
  • All recipes are customized to meet your specific dietary needs
  • We work within the parameters set by your nutritionist, dietitian or doctor
  • You can request your recipes to be created gluten free and/or vegan
  • We create savory and sweet
  • Our recipes will never include artificial ingredients
  • We never incorporate guar or xanthan gum in our recipes
  • We create short, cost-effective, ingredient lists
  • All recipes are created using quinoa as the primary ingredient
  • Having your cake and eating it too is a click away!
  • We can create more sophisticated entrees and appetizers.  Just ask us for a quote
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We will create, test and deliver to you 3 completely delicious recipes ready for you to make and enjoy over and over again.

So, you were told what to eat and what not to eat by the experts.  Making sense of all of it can be confusing and downright frustrating.  We are going to take their dietary recommendations and turn them into easy to follow recipes.  How does this work?  You purchase our customized recipe development package.  You send us a list of your dietary needs, and desires.  We get down to serious work.  We present back to you your recipes ready for you to try.  You bake, eat and rate them.  We tweak your recipes once if necessary.   That's it!

Ingredients: Quinoa and whatever you want them to be.  YES!

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