Famous Raspberry Shortbread Bars

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When was the last time you had a bite of a moist, rich shortbread that was nutritious too?

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Send some love with our famous Raspberry Shortbread Hearts

Fresh baked and freezer friendly.  Our famous raspberry shortbread in the shape of a heart just in time for Valentine's Day or any love holiday.  Sweet, smooth shortbread topped off with our house-made granola and filled with tangy raspberry preserves.  Yum!   Arrives in a baker's gift box. 

Ingredients: Organic non GMO quinoa, coconut oil, dehydrated cane juice sugar, almonds, lentil aquafaba, gf oats, maple syrup, molasses, nutritional yeast, Madagascar vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, baking soda, sea salt.  gf/vg

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Famous Raspberry Shortbread Bars (8 Pk.)

Fresh baked and freezer friendly.  Sweet and tangy raspberry preserves nestled and baked between a layer of buttery shortbread and a shortbread, granola blend topping. Baked until golden brown, crispy and delicious. Layers and layers of texture and flavor. Serves 8. Large enough to cut in half and serve 16.

Ingredients: Organic non GMO quinoa, coconut oil, oats, raspberry preserves, sugar, almonds, maple syrup, nutritional yeast, vanilla extract, cinnamon, corn free leavening, sea salt Freezer friendly GF/VG

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