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As someone who has been on a gluten free diet for over 14 years, I've run the gamut of just being happy to find yummy gluten free baked goods to realizing the need to feed my body with nutritious goodies. Quinoa Esta' combines delicious with nutritious! My husband (who is not on a gluten free diet) and I recently sampled some of Sharon's wonderful products. We tried the snickerdoodle cookies, two kinds of brownies, the cornbread, and the quinoa & flax nuts. One of the things we noticed immediately is that the baked goods were so satisfying. I'm sure the high protein content of the quinoa contributes to that. We really enjoyed the baked goods, and the nuts were wonderful. They combined sweet and salty with a lil' kick. Kudos to Quinoa Esta' to expanding the gluten free options here in Phoenix! And making them healthy at the same time.

Diane L.,

Love your Red Quinoa Red Velvet Cake! It's as delicious as it looks and good for you. I would love it even more if you would make a version of this with stevia. Trying to eliminate sugar in my diet. 🙂

Roy & Debbie P.,

I was recently told to stop eating gluten. What once felt like going into a world of flavorless, sad, options now feels great since I found Quinoa Esta Bakery items sold at Luci's Healthy Marketplace. The website also has so many other things that I'm very much looking forward to trying. The Raspberry Shortbread Bars are superb. With so many things I'm unable to eat it's nice to know I still have some tasty options.

Thank you!

Roy & Debbie P.,

I have prediabetes and can't eat regular pancakes, even without syrup because I don't feel well after I eat them. I recently tried the pancake mix from Quinoa Esta Bakery and feel well after eating them.

Annie M.,